About the Bunch

Over 2,000 years of wine-making history, packaged in sustainable boxes. That’s what Bunch in a Box is all about.

We’ve selected two ancient grape varieties, grown and handpicked on the sunny slopes of our vineyard in south-west Macedonia, and crafted them into two delicious wines, delivered in eco-conscious boxes straight to your door. The benefits? Premium wines at unbeatable prices, presented in a unique low-footprint, recyclable box that fits in your fridge – and lasts up to six weeks after opening.

We’ve partnered with Amazon to provide a next-day, no-hassle delivery – with no extra packaging – to ensure our wines travel straight from our vineyard to your doorstep. All you need to do is choose your colour. Our red is smooth and dry, very similar to a Zinfandel, while our white is like a classically dry Chardonnay. Simply delicious.

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About the Box

  • Boxed wine produces half the CO2 of bottled wine.
  • Our boxes are made from recycled cardboard and can be recycled at home.
    Our bags can also be recycled but unfortunately, they need to be taken to ‘in store’ facilities.Our taps are not currently recyclable using home or ‘in store’ facilities.
  • Bunch in a Box wines last a whopping six weeks once opened – which means less waste.
  • All our wines are vegan.


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